Deepti Keshup – Jumeirah Living Dubai

20 Jun

My husband used to feel under the weather very often, at least once a month. My friend then suggested it may have been due to the dust and allergens in our AC system. We waited no longer and called in moltocare for an inspection.
The pictures of our ducts were shocking. ACs in dubai are on 24/7 but it had never struck us how filthy its components can be, and to think we were breathing this pollutant air all this while. We booked a service for the following week for our home.
Moltocare’s team was extremely professional, they covered all our furniture, used their various technical machines and really got in deep into our AC ducts. Although it was a long process, they guaranteed a clean disinfected AC system for at least a year and half. They did a great job by cleaning up after themselves and provided me with a report to see the effectiveness of their job through before and after pictures.
I was extremely satisfied with their professional service and therefore opted to take a yearly contract with them; where they come in every quarter and maintain the cleanliness of our AC system.
I recommend moltocare to anyone facing horrible smells or even allergic symptoms in their home. I am pleased to say my husband’s health has been much improved.
Thank you moltocare!